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of the guard as far as news flow is concerned in the u.s.a. if you want to know what's really happening in america, you have to come here because you will not get it in much of the mainstream media. that being said, "the washington post" ombudsman andrew alexander was gutsy in his admission that the post botched the story there are some very skilled people working in the establishment media problem is, there aren't enough of them. and that's the memo. in just two minutes, bernie goldberg will weigh in on the cutters-schieffer interview. newspaper article >> bill: continuing now with our lead story, why the establishment media largely ignored the black panther-justice department controversy and is often misstating the arizona illegal alien lawsuit. joining us now from north carolina fox news analyst bernie goldberg. you know, bernie, history has a way in america, if you study us from the beginning, of correcting bad things in the country. i think we are at that point now with the media i think that this bob schieffer, howard kurtz, black panther, justice department, arizona thing has bro
with, a global treasure, a model for the u.s. and so he's got this very volumous-- >> they didn't want to debate that? i thought obama care was supposed to become more popular? bill clinton, for one, and i think even the president's political aides told democrats, you vote for this, it's going to be more popular after it passes than during the ugly debate. i would think they would welcome a debate on this? >> oh, i think that berwick recess appointment is literally the biggest political event in the summer, of the summer. this is outrageous. i think his appointment should have hearings that are as important as those for elena kagan's nomination to the supreme court. they are huge issues at stake here and this is the first individual person who has emerged from the obama health care plan and dr. berwick is a living representative of what barack obama and all the health care economists in the white house want to do, which is to transform the american health care system in a way that kind of levels it out rather than emphasizes the cutting edge research for which this country has been fam
. the issue is, this administration is spending a better part of three days on a u.s. department of agriculture official when our country is hurting and desperate for work and desperate for prosperity. america sinking and we are talking about. this. >> bill: they would rather give -- and you have major garrett and james rosen, they want to get rid of this. so it's the media driving this story. the president called her. if the white house didn't have anything do-to-do this why did the president call her? >> because it was a classy thick to do. if i were the president we would have called her. cnn has her tied up. >> she thinks fox is racist. you don't want to say that i'm going to say that she believes fox is racist. >> bill: fine, i would still like to talk to the woman in person. now, if you believe that because she is a far-left person who is very committed to those views. she shouldn't be working, at the federal level doing the people's business? >> because you are supposed to represent all of america this is not to be a racial spoil system. >> anybody in the bush administrati
its suppliers of nuclear technology because that would involve going through u.s. banks so venezuelan banks are now the vehicle through which iran is able to bypass the embargo. >> sean: one branch of iran's development bank now sits in the venezuelan capital to facilitate the transactions. >> with chavez in the middle he can do their work for them and then handle the money taking commissions at both ends so everybody gains. >> sean: venezuela is also supplying iran with something even more valuable. >> an important reserve of uranium in the north of venezuela about 50,000-tons probably that iran is now able to tap. >> sean: so perhaps it is to coincidence that iran has erected a series of factories in this uranium rich area of venezuela. >> it is troubleing that iran has established some factories, a lot of people estimate that these facilitie factories are r armaments and that the ties, the so-called economic ties between iran and venezuela or perhaps syria and venezuela hide support for terrorism. >> sean: those suspicions are grounded in an event that occurred in november of 2008
had two pursuits a day by people intruding on the united states. not u.s. citizens. >> >> laura: however, who can forget that when the president sided with mexico against arizona, when mexican president felipe calderon came to our country and ripped arizona's new enforcement law. the president today said that a majority of americans want comprehensive immigration reform. oh really? do the 10% of unemployed americans really demand amnesty? are gulf coast residents really demanding amnesty against the worst environmental disaster our country has probably ever seen? this is classic obama. diddivert the public's attention from his abysmal record and create a new news cycle from the democratic wish list and then try to ram it through before the republicans take back control of congress. now, that's leadership. and that's the memo. and now on to the top story tonight. reaction. joining us now from beautiful austin, texas is karl rove, a fox news contributor and, of course, the author of the fabulous book courage and consequence. karl, you can take a swat at what i said. if i am being
. was that your experience? >> i think the feel something that they historically have relied on the u.s. and the europeans to buy all of their stuff. they look at us now and they say they are not going to be able do that any more. they are not going to buy all that stuff we need to decouple first politically. it doesn't matter what issue dalai lama, environment, cyber security, industrial espionage, climate change. anything you look at the u.s.-china relationship today is worse than it was two years ago that will continue. >> sean: i agree it will continue. it is like they meet with the obama administration, we're apologizing for america's human rights record when they have the most abysmal in the world. what do you mean by state capitalism? >> a system where the state is the principle actor in the economy and they use the market for ultimately political purposes there. is no rule of law. if you are facing a state capitalist system as an american company you are trying to invest and they find they don't like you, you get googled out. we've had one war this year between a state and corpo
at all to protect themselves. the sanctuary cities throughout the u.s., l.a., san francisco, chicago, houston, places like that, they basically have sup superseded federal law say they're not going to hand over to you anybody. even though federal law says you must. that question was put to robert gibbs today. roll tape. >> right now, there are dozens of so-called sanctuary cities that have their own policies that might potentially conflict with federal law and if arizona is in violation of federal law, then so are these localities. my question is why did the president only ask d.o.j. to look at arizona and not everywhere? >> i don't know the answer to that. i will try to seek some answer on -- some answer on that. >> all right. look, gibbs doesn't know the answer because there is no answer, all right. it's a selective prosecution, selective lawsuit. the obama people don't like the arizona law. they know they're getting hurt in the hispanic-american precincts. they're doing this. i think for political reasons but i could be wrong on this. maybe the president is very sincere. how do
be allowed to wear veils. so it seems the u.s.a. is a lot more tolerant than france. with us now, the aforementioned laura ingraham. now, what do you think? are you moving to france? >> well, bill, first i asked your producers they said i could not wear a full burka. i want to wear the full burka with the netting, the taliban, the scary burka. i think american muslims for the most part. not all but for the most part have done a much better job in asimulating in american society. americans don't have that same oh my god we are on the edge here. i think in europe it's very different. part of the fault of that is the europeans and part of the fault of that is making sure people embrace european culture and bringing them into the fold. what i think we should see in that video you see it right now. this is not a religion discuss statement, bill, this is a statement of subjugation. >> bill: for the western eye it. >> no. it is a symbol of subjugation. when i spent time in africa. >> bill: let me challenge you on that. there was a case a few years ago and you might remember it where the
eteam. maybe we are yust no good anymore. french assembly held hearingings . get over this . in 2004 u.s. men's olympic team lost to arien tina boy eights . we got over it . france and england are not getting over it. >> changes never seize to amaze me. passion of new york politician to commit economic suicide . that's it for this week's for watching. i hope to see you next week. >> on fox news watch. capitol hill had the media attention this week. >> do you solemnly wear. i do. >> supreme court nominee took center stage in her hearings. but did the media take it seriously or not. general david petraeus slips through senate approval. >> we admire you greatly. >> but what does the press think of the pick. robert byrd longest serving senator passed away. as the media paid tribute to the elder states men did they whoit wash his past. network the system broken. >> illim immigration is a issue. does the media really care? cell of freedoms on independence day weekend. on the panel this week. judy miller and columnist. andrew. and new america foundation and ella. >>> and i am john scott. fox ne
in the u.s.a. if you want to know what's really happening in america, you have to come here because you will not get it in much of the mainstream media. that being said, "the washington post" ombudsman andrew alexander was gutsy in his admission that the post botched the story there are some very skilled people working in the establishment media problem is, there aren't enough of them. and that's the memo. in just two minutes, bernie goldberg will weigh in on the cutters-schieffer interview. cutters-schieffer interview. newspaper articleeed to talk tou about this "dedicated claims rep" thing oy, well... calling yourselves edicated"? we're all dedicated, okay? the entire web site team worked late every nit this week. lok at sanjeev. he's a mess! what? no... gs, we're called dedicated claims reps beuse we each st with an esurance custome throughout e automobile claims process. it's not cause we think we work harder than you. well, ou don't. [ sanjeev ] am i a mess? [ joey ] you slept in the vending machine. [ male announcer ] call today or go to esurance.com. >> bill: continuing now with
these signs, as u.s. citizens that we can't even enjoy our beautiful environment. >> as you know, i have been one of the leading proponents of the national guard going to the border and you remember the guard and you know how effective they would be if put down there in force. i want to know tonight how this intrusion in your county has affected quality of life. people move to to arizona because they want to be outside. they want to enjoy the environment. this is the united states. you buy your house. you buy your land. and all of a sudden, you have this tremendous intrusion so how have things changed down there? this is my second year as the elected sheriff of penal county and we have seen even pursuits where an officer or deputy tries to stop a vehicle and as most americans, pull to the side of the road and wait for the officer to approach the vehicle. 64 times in one month, just last month, these people took off and fled from our deputies and intentionally causing traffic wrecks, running red lights and nearly every time, they're armed. and this has resulted in several people being killed.
agents in u.s. custody. the cold war got a little hotter 50 years ago today. and now you know the news for this july the 8th, 2010. i'm shepard smith. back tomorrow. factor begins now. >> bill: "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight: >> any health care funding plan that is just, equity continual, civilized and humane must redistribute wealth. >> bill: president obama goes around the senate and appoints dr. berwick to run medicare and medicaid. why did the president sneak him in? we will tell you. >> i hate white people. all of this. every last iota of a cracker, i hate it. >> bill: megyn kelly has an update on the vicious panther who escaped prosecution by the justice department. >> i know what you are. >> say it. out loud. >> vampire. >> bill: and the culture warriors examine the vampire phenomenon. >> i am dracula. >> bill: didn't they used to be bad preachers? >> are you afraid? >> no. >> bill: caution, you are about to enter not spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. president obama points another very libe
. tomorrow night... mexico, u.s. border. we're going to be in texas. d sm. mr. bill, to you. >> the o'reilly factor is on. tonight -- >> sarah palin says this party like it's 1776. my white daddy would say be careful what you wish for. 18th century sarah wasn't good for nobody. >> the president of the naacp attacks sarah palin. the tea party and various other things he doesn't like. using the race card. we'll analyze with karl rove and mark lamont hill. >> there's no doubt about that. >> white house spokesman robert gibbs being pounded by speaker of the house nancy pelosi who says gibbs should shut up about being the upcoming election. >> we have absolutely no intention of losing the house. >> dick morris on that. >> if they think someone might be in this country illegally it gives them a right to stop them and they have to produce papers. >> dennis miller did not like bob schieffer misrepresenting the arizona illegal alien law. >> this is not a great performance. >> miller time coming up. >> caution. you are about to enter the no spin zone. "factor" begins right now. >> hi, i'm bi
than knows in the u.s.. joe klein obviously not the brightest guy we know. he can figure out those people that say the stimulus that was supposed to keep unemployment below 8%, joe klein cannot figure out, who would say it didn't work. >> administration came forward with an 800 billion dollar stimulus package. americans are sitting back and saying where did that money go? why is it we are still looking at an unemployment rate near 10%? they are angry, frustrated, they want to get back to work. it is clear the spending didn't work. >> who says the spending didn't work? >> 9.7 unemployment, it didn't work. >> it might have been 15% unemployment. >> sean: it might have been 30% unemployment. but it wasn't supposed to go joe, above 8%. >> if we were eight 15% unemployability he would be saying it could have been 20% unemployment. what they don't want is for us to focus on words and promises and on facts. here are the facts, barack obama said, if we didn't spend this money, we would lose between three and four million jobs, according to the bureau for labor statistics since the stimulus
.n., members of the u.s. delegates walked out. >> resolution are adopted under states by same pressure by the same states which use false pretext with the clear intention of denying other member states their legalized legal rights full nuclear energy. >> bill: i know how mahmoud ahmadinejad feels. why does that nut refuse to wear a tie? all right. cards up, please. the answer is b. another ridiculous question. >> it's probably d. probably never learned how to tie a tie. now we're going to get the hard ones. >> bring it on, baby. >> bill: al gore recently purchased a $9 million home in california. global industry -- mocking because it's, what? >> now, why is he being mocked? all right, gore. cards up, please. why is he being mocked? come on, doocy, get the card up. all right. rot the tape. >> this is what would happen to the sea level in florida. this is what would happen to san francisco bay. a lot of people live in these areas. this is what would happen to manhattan. >> bill: it's right next to the ocean. >> d. >> bill: d? >> yeah. >> bill: you both got it wrong. think about this for
of american good evening i'm tucker carlson in for sean hannity. alan greenspan said today he believes the u.s. economy may be undergoing a pause. he refused to rule out the possibility of a double dip recession. with the economy in a pause, this week our president also took a break from his daily routine to fly to las vegas where he campaigned for senate majority leader harry reid. in washington some of the president's top aides are hard at work and reportedly have launched a campaign to convince wall street this white house isn't anti-business. treasury secretary geithner and white house chief of staff rahm emanuel kicked off a is series of interviews yesterday. the move in the aftermath of a bombshell report in the "washington post" that shows wall street contributions to the democratic party are dramatically down, 65% from the 2008 election cycle. are the administration's policies re-- promoting recovery or are they anti-business? here the author of the sellout" charles gas perino and nicole pet lean these. -- it didn't want any business or because it wants the campaign contributions? >> t
to play on main street u.s.a. it simply is not going to play. >> no. >> bill: so the calculation is we have one term and we will do as many things as we can to move the country left. and then we will just give it up because there is just no way the country is going -- all the polls show the same thing, mr. speaker. all the polls show the same thing. independents are bailing on him. i mean, his constituency is bailing on him. >> bill, you are making an assertion, i agree with, which is that he is losing the american people by his radicalism and frankly by his incompetence in the gulf and elsewhere. but that's not a question about what's in his head and what's in his team's head. remember, these folks came out of nowhere. they beat hillary clinton. they won the white house. they are in power. my guess is that they sit around late at night. they figure they are so articulate and so brilliant that they're going to come back. they have so much power from the labor unions and trial lawyers. they have the power of the presidency. they have fully expect to get reelected and serve eight years b
challenge you here. it's without a doubt true what he said. for the last five months the u.s. economy has been adding jobs. what we know is coming out of the bush years, the u.s. economy was losing jobs. >> juan, if you are going to spend that much money, come on, why don't you just send the checks to the people. champions cheaper. come on. >> 64% of the stimulus money has already been spent. that bucks up your point. here is my point to you. right now, he is still making the case, do you want to go backwards or do you want to go forwards? >> >> bill: yawn, i would like the the -- juan, i would like the economy to prosper but not be bankrupt at the end of it. how about you? >> no doubt. >> bill: he is spending half a trillion dollars to add 600,000 jobs. come on,juan. do the math, man. we don't have the money to do that. >> bill, the question is, and you picked up on this early. would we be in a depression had he not. >> bill: who knows. >> you say we don't know. >> bill: nobody knows. >> were you willing to take the risk bill o'reilly? >> bill: was i willing to do? >> yeah. >> bill: from
will be here to tell us why. moments away as the factor continues all across the u.s.a. and all around the worldfield let's go. come on. hurry up. [ laughter ] [ slamming ] [ engines revving ] [ tires screech ] [ engine revving ] [ male announcer ] before you take it on your road trip... we take it on ours. [ children lghing ] now during the summer event, ge an exceptionally engineered mercedes-benz like the 2010 c-class, an iihs top safety pick, for 1.9 percent apr or lease one for $349 a month. >> bill: fridays with geraldo segment tonight, let's bring in the fox news anchor who you see weekends at 10:00 p.m. so, you basically are covered by the naacp. >> i am, indeed. i'm a colored person. i'm a proud american colored person. >> bill: you see this guy jealous out there. you know what he is trying to do. you have been around long enough with the tea party. i want to get your opinion on the stuff. >> i think he went way overboard. i think ben jealous overstepped. >> bill: do you know him. >> is he not my generation. i certainly knew previous leaders of the naacp. you know, you what yo
to protect the director who raped a 13-year-old girl in 1977 and fled the u.s.a. to go to europe where he is hold up. the swiss justice minister says mr. polanski will not be extradited back to the u.s. really gave no good reason for that other than polanski is a rich guy if you know what i mean. check believes switzerland is insulting america on this one. check four, as you may know, we are following the john adams project, a far-left concern that is suspected of secretly videotaping cia officers in conjunction with the -- one of the men is john sitton who lives in brooklyn. >> mr. sifton, dan banks with the fox news channel o'reilly factor. we have some questions about the john adams project. is it true you were taking photos of cia agents? and what would happen if one of these cia agents were killed because of your work? [knocking] >> mr. sifton any comments? [knocking] >> mr. sifton are you aware it's against the law to reveal a covert agent's identity? why won't you comment, mr. sifton? >> bill: check will answer that because if he did comment nothing he said would exonerate him. we
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nook helicopter. report that the u.s. government put out did not heat seeking missile. that's of concern. we are getting reports. some documents span the bush administration and the obama administration. get information like that when our soldiers are dying, and we're getting the false information, whether you are a conservative or a liberal, i mean, that's concerning. >> yeah, it is. i'm personally not as worried as some are about the heat seeking missiles. i think the taliban, mujahideen had some left. what concerns me more is that our government lied about it laura, you can tell i'm hot about. this i do not believe in leaks. i would execute leaders. they are betraying our country. let's hope something good comes of this. our government, the people who are safe and fat and rich in washington face the facts that our troops on the ground are in a real war and we owe them at least honesty in the white house. >> laura: ralph, there are reports that bin laden is in pakistan. there is a second-hand report not as reliable as some of the other reports, but that his money man is ge
the arizona illegal alien law. those reports after these mess anls as "the factor" continues across the u.s.a. and all around the world. >> last sunday, white house spokesman robert gibbs was talking about the upcoming election in november where all congresspeople are in play. >> i think there's no doubt there are enough seats in play that could cause republicans to gain control. there's no doubt about that. this will depend on strong campaigns by democrats and again, i think we've got to take the issues to them. >> ok. upon hearing that, speaker of the house nancy pelosi got a little teed off. she said "how could gibbs know what's going on in our districts? we have made our disagreement known to the white house". so a little agitation within the democratic party and joining us now from little rock, arkansas, to put it in perspective, the purveyor dick morris. mr. morris, does this tie in with what we were talking about with mark lamont hill and karl rove? mr. gibbs says look, we got to jazz everybody up to get, you know, they have to go to the polls and vote for us. or we're dead. why w
. moments away as the factor continues all across the u.s.a. and all around the worldfield >> bill: fridays with geraldo segment tonight, let's bring in the fox news anchor who you see weekends at 10:00 p.m. so, you basically are covered by the naacp. >> i am, indeed. i'm a colored person. i'm a proud american colored person. >> bill: you see this guy jealous out there. you know what he is trying to do. you have been around long enough with the tea party. i want to get your opinion on the stuff. >> i think he went way overboard. i think ben jealous overstepped. >> bill: do you know him. >> is he not my generation. i certainly knew previous leaders of the naacp. you know, you what you have here is an organization church severineing for relevance. let me jump stop. everybody calm down for a second. race helps define american politics for worse and i don't know how it's for better but certainly for worse. it is historically a demographic fact of life that the vast majority of black people vote democrat. majority of white people vote republican, even mccain and his loss to obama won 55% of the
to be absolutely sure we can meet all commit s to the u.s. and people of the gulf coast. >> greta: what did tony hayward say as you were passing the mantle when the news broke, everyone knew it was coming, what did he say to you? >> he's a man who worked for 30 years for bp. he dedicated his entire working life. a great love for the company and great pride in the company. i think his view was that he was the captain of a ship during an accident. and he's been incredibly gracious. he and i will work together during this transition between now and october. he is deeply saddened. yet, he realized it was the right thing to do. i think that's the measure of the man. get -- >> dana: next, best of the rest. sarah palin turns media critic. she just took some jabs at the president over his visit to "the view." the governor sounds off, next. >> reunion between two hero dogs and a soldier they saved in afghanistan. you will love this >> congressman anthony weiner blows a gasket on the house floor. the republican on the receiving end is fighting back. the whole story, next. >> i will not yield! and the gent
that produce exactly the same equipment. china and russia so the fact that the u.s. and the obama administration was going to kill the deal was not going to stop building the equipment. it was going to guarantee nobody in wisconsin built the equipment. >> we're micromanaging business here and micromanaging business in other countries as well that ends up hurting american workers. >> what is the president thinking when he adopts policies in louisiana and wisconsin that kills jobs. another shock is the xekt tefs that were being attacked decided not to make any investments. >> he was saying the failed policies of the past laying blame at the feet of the republicans obviously for this economy and not really wanting to own this economy. on one hand, the buck stops here and on the other hand, it's the implicit criticism of bush and we were handling two wars and handling a cratering economy and we're doing the best we can. >> you have to wonder what presidency he ran for. and we didn't get any new wars. those wars existed when he ran. we don't have any new economic problems. these proble
of arizona. i'm a u.s. citizen born of mexican immigrant parents. please help us defeat sb 1070. >> laura: joining me now from new york attorneys and fox news analysts kimberly guilfoyle and lis wiehl. okay, ladies, had this is an ad meant to pull at our heart strings because of he has a great story. he went to georgetown university. ufers air force. seems to be upstanding guy. he is, look, i can just be doing my lawn work and i guess the cops are going to pull me over and start harassing me. lis, let's start with you. is that a fair characterization of what is going to be permitted thunder new law? >> no, laura, absolutely not. the law is clear, black and white that an officer, a police officer has to have reasonable suspicion to pull you over for something else that's legal. you run a stoplight. something like that. that they would have a legal cause to pull you over. mere gardening in your garden or anyone else's garden is absolutely false. and this add -- ad is incredibly misleading. >> laura: i would say it's a fear mongering ad, kimberly. meant to instill fear into the hearts of lat
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